Sunday 19 July 2015

As You Go To US, Don’t Listen to Obama On Gay rights, Group Tells Buhari

The Project for Human Development, PHD, a Civil Society Organisation, today urged President Muhammadu Buhari in a rally with the theme “Gay Marriage: Obama, Please Leave Nigeria Alone”, not to listen to president Obama as he visits him tomorrow in the US. Buhari is expected to be in Washington DC tomorrow on a four-day official visit where different issues concerning Nigeria will be discussed.

The Director-General of the Group, Jerry Okwuosa, however urged Buhari not to listen to him on gay rights and let the country continue to kick against it. Continue...

”The U.S. is now the major exporter of gay rights in the world. It has recently pressurised Uganda for a reverse of its anti-gay law.

”Under the influence of the U.S., Mozambique has recently decriminalized its anti-gay law. At the moment, U.S. is putting pressure on Kenya to legalize gay Marriage.

”President Obama is meeting with President Buhari tomorrow to discuss issues which include security, economy, Ebola and gay marriage legalisation in Nigeria.

”Fear is being entertained that Obama might trade off US assistance to President Buhari’s government with shooting down Goodluck Jonathan’s anti-gay law.

”We are however, urging President Buhari to reject such a trade-off, ” he said.