Tuesday 14 July 2015

lol 50 Cent Speaks Up About Bankruptcy

Yesterday, i reported to you about 50 cent filling for bankruptcy, the rap mogul is now speaking up about the whole situation.
The rapper told Entertainment Tonight saying: "I’m not panicking. People love tragedy more than they love good news, no matter how you look at it. The news comes on, and it’s 90 percent tragedy".
The rapper continued on by saying “I have faith in the court systems, I know at points you gotta just relax and go through the process.”

On the decision to file for bankruptcy, he says "I make decisions to do things based on the position that I’m placed in at points and if I’m consistently being made out to be a target because of my financial situation ….If people actually believe that I wouldn’t be conscious of who I am and protecting myself …”

The rapper seems very cool amidst all of the backlash from fans and the press. Lol I hope he get out of the mess soon.