Thursday 9 July 2015

Majek Fashek Denies Being Broke, Boasts About Being A Millionaire

Lmao, whoever is behind this man’s calamity is still very there o. So after different individuals have been calling for his rehabilitation, it is now that Majek has now deemed it fir to talk to a media house to deny he is broke and wandering on the streets just when help is about to come.

Below is a fresh interview he had with Encomium Magazine where he boasted that he is a millionaire and the reports of him being broke is nothing but a blackmail.

On the speculations of him begging: The Nigerian press, the print in particular, not electronic, have been blackmailing me. They are trying  to ruin me writing all sorts of things against me. I did nothing. I was in America, I had to come back to prove them wrong. I’m a Rastafarian man, a prisoner of conscience. I’m the begotten of Jesus Christ. He’s my father. Continue...

On him roaming the streets: It’s not true. The thing is I’m a Rasta man and a prisoner of conscience. These are my two movements. And a prisoner of conscience and Rastaman does not avoid the poor. Poverty is a sin, I cannot discriminate against the streets, even though I’m a millionaire.

I have $100,000 in one of the biggest banks in America. I’m not a careless man. I’m a father with four boys. What happened was the hotel I was staying didn’t have light and they didn’t put on the generator. I was bored. So, I went into the streets to buy myself a drink. I like Guinness, sometimes Apeteshi or malt. I use the apeteshi to consult with the holy spirit. Why would I, as a prisoner of conscience, alienate myself from the poor man and woman? Then I am not a prisoner of conscience. How can I beg?…….

On who leaked the story: I didn’t even know that guy that wrote this thing came to investigate me. Is he CIA? I even bought bread for him that day.

On the true state of things: The true state of things is that they are all rumours, God still kept me. It’s all blackmail. It’s only God that has kept me alive that I must obey.

On having his own house: Yes, I have a house in Ogba, Lagos. It’s a bungalow. There are was a beef, which we have settled.