Sunday 5 July 2015

No News For Now!!!!!! GUESS WHO GOT MARRIED YESTERDAY?? (photo)

Must You All Read News All The Time lol... Don't mind me jur.. Let me explain something to y'all....
   So yesterday, one of My best friend sister got married and joke couldn't make it to Lagos. oh yeah I feel extremely sad and jealous *crying* After seeing all these beautiful pictures, I could imagine what I missed... My darling opeoluwa Omotoke Adedokun I know your upset with me but don't worry baby I will make it up *wink* lol... *You know i love u deeply* My bestie is beautiful oo you berra dont try her lol
oya time for pictures enough of the talk... See More Photos Below...

Happy Married life Aunty Ife *in ope voice* God bless your new home 
           That ope in pink over there!
                     The newly couple
 Lol Ope Mum digging it down *The joy of a Mother*
                                Ope (bestie)
                        Ope (bestie)
              Bride Friend's (Anu & ope)
                      Bridal shower
                Yeah Yeah!! Ty mix in the building
                             The Couple
                              Ope friend
 Ope's besties (Gbemi,bolatito,Taiwo and friends)
Awww! One of my bff's is down here *My cupcake* I miss u temmy *Muaah*