Sunday 5 July 2015

Waje Cancer Tour As She Mourns Grandmother’s Death

Singer waje has reportedly lost her aged Grandmother.
The Singer who was billed  to perform a show in Tanzania and Uganda this month as part of her tour didn’t have a choice but to put plans to an abrupt end. 
She took to her page to apologize to her fans; 
My Tanzanian and Ugandan family. It breaks my heart to announce to you all that we will have to cancel the rest of the tour,”
Waje pens tribute to grandmother on Instagram.

My deepest apologies to u because this was all put in place because of you guys, but this isn’t over. We will do this. #WajeEATour As my grandma just passed away while my tour kicked off, I’m forced to cancel to be there for my mum.
I am very sorry to cancel the Tanzanian and Ugandan shows. I hope you darlings bear with me and keep the love alive. I promise to schedule a better time to come be with you in Tanzania and Uganda. Stay blessed. Asante sana”, Waje wrote.