Friday 10 July 2015

Why Bill Cosby may personally pay Janice Dickinson $35m in damages

Bill Cosby has more to worry about as he is now faced with the reality that, if Janice Dickinson wins her civil lawsuit against him, he's going to have to write a big fat check to the model from his own bank account  and it could be as much as $35 million.

Cosby's insurance company - AIG Property Casualty has filed its own suit against the disgraced comedian and Dickinson, demanding the court order that the company is not liable for his alleged sexual misconduct if Dickinson is awarded damages in her civil lawsuit against him.
According to court papers exclusively obtained by Daily Mail Online.

Cosby has two homeowner's policies including an additional 'personal excess liability policy' of $35 million. All three policies exclude claims arising out of any 'actual, alleged or threatened' sexual misconduct, molestation or harassment or 'sexual, physical or mental abuse' related to 'sexual misconduct, molestation or harassment.' 

Dickinson filed suit against Cosby last May, explaining the comedian drugged and raped her back in 1982. She claimed that the two were in a Lake Tahoe hotel room and while unconscious he raped her - including anally - without her consent.

The model accused Cosby and his team of trashing her in the press by calling her claims 'fabricated and is an outrageous defamatory lie' She sued him for defamation and emotional distress seeking unspecified damages. The comedian has yet to respond to Dickinson's allegations in court