Thursday 27 August 2015

The Kardashian clan turn their backs on Caitlyn Jenner

Despite sharing selfies with Jenner on August 9andbeing very supportive on social media, the Kardashian klan have reportedly been feeling some animosity for Caitlyn since she confirmed her transition from male to female in April.

The issues behind the family feud seem to be primarily due to the Vanity Fair cover story and her statements about ex-wife Kris Jennet.According to US Weekly
'Vanity Fair was the start of the downfall,'. 'It came out and they looked like idiots, they first saw the article on Twitter!The Kardashians were furious once they realized she took jabs at Kris, a lot of times she wasn't very nice,'They are so incensed that they may be done with Caitlyn for good. Everyone has turned their backs on her.'So much so that communication between the stepfather and the stepchildren has nearly stopped. Texts halted as Caitlyn distanced herself at her secluded Malibu estate.Caitlyn has this aura around her that she is better than them. The bad blood has led to a cease in communication,' a Kardashian confidant explained to Us
They feel Caitlyn needs to understand that the platform she has now, and her money, are because of Kris. She had nothing before Kris. Don't bite the hand that fed you.