Monday 10 August 2015

Freeze flaunts his first 6 watches,shade the heck out of those who rock fakes

Freeze of Cool FM, came for those who wear fakes by showing off his first watches which weren't so expensive in comparison to what he wears now  
SAY NO TO FAKES!!! 6 of my very first watches!
£30 Pulsar (N9,000), £35 Accurist (N11,000), £28 Timex (8,000), £50 Timex (15,000), $100 Seiko5 (N22,000), and the most expensive watch here is a £150 Casio (N45,000). THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO JUSTIFICATION FOR COUNTERFEITING! Making statements like "if we can't afford N1,000,000 watches but can afford N50,000 imitations that look like the authentic product, it's ok, and it gives us the feel good factor" is equivalent to saying "if he sells hard drugs it's because the economy is bad and he has to feed his family and pay for his mother's cancer treatment"
Proceeds from Counterfeiting rings are used to finance the hard drug industry, studies have shown. I wore a £20 Timex for 10years before I upgraded to a£50 and then a £100 Timex. Then I bought my first £150 Casio. My first Swiss watch was my #Oris!
And my very first #Rolex was secondhand! You don't have to buy fakes to appear in a certain light. #BuyWhatYouCanAfford #BuyOnlyOriginal! We are victims of the 'in group bias' that has destroyed our mindset! 'In group bias' refers to a pattern of favoring members of one's in-group over out-group members. 
For instance, we Nigerians produce movies and music so we can relate to the pain associated with movie or music piracy. However, we do not share this sentiment with wristwatch manufacturers because they are not in our 'in group'. Counterfeiting is NOT ONLY LIMITED TO MOVIES AND MUSIC this destructive industry has its tentacles in food and beverages, medicines, automotive and aeronautic parts, wristwatches and clothes etc. Let us make Nigeria the very First Nation that successfully eradicated ALL forms of #piracy and #counterfeiting!