Monday, 24 August 2015

I Just Got A Job In Which I Lied I Had Experience! lmao

Lmao....I know this is not a news, but I find it very hilarious..choii this unemployment issues is that bad?!  I found it on nairaland..Read what the individual wrote below

Hello House,
I just got an employment letter of the job in which it was an experienced position but I lied on my CV that I had d experience.
We've started the interview processes since last 2 months before I went for the final interview last week and I was called on Friday to come for the letter.

Please my fellow nairaland, help me, it's not my fault oo, but since there's no job in town, I had to alter my cv from the Store/inventory experience I had to Accountant experience. Now I was told to resume on Tuesday next week.
How woud I do it. Its an Accountant position.

And I was told I will be preparing Accounts by entering ledgers, cashbook and bank reconciliation stmt all in their software, both Excel and on Peachtree and even with quickbook.

Although I studied Accounting oo but I have Never worked as an Accountant before.
So please someone should just please help me in the house.
Wether to still go for it as I will be tested on Tuesday morning by the Finance Manager of the company, or to step back or to find someone that could teach me here in the house who is already working as an Accountant?

Plz advice accordingly, and if u can put me through within the short period, just lets communicate.

Pls, this is a big challenge for me.
What should I do?