Sunday 16 August 2015

Jidenna Finally Speaks About His Comment On 'Nigeria & Light Skinned' In New Interview

Remember Classic Man Jidenna‘s comments last month about how being light skinned made him more likely to get kidnapped in Nigeria? After being dragged by Nigerians worldwide for his comments and trending on social media, the Nigerian/American artiste quickly cleared up his statement on yesterday’s edition of Power 101.5’s Breakfast club.

During  the interview he was asked about the comments he made about light skin being more likely to get kidnapped and he explained himself better saying it was a miscalculation on his part. He also spoke on Nigeria being a very proud place, a place where excellence is fostered. He told a story about his late dad and his schools tests, saying

" I remember coming to America, in the US you get a highest score on the test and your teacher says “bring it home to your parents. show your parents.” So I brought it home to my father like “dad I got a 98 on my math exam”, and he said “ah ah 98? Where are the other two points? Go there and bring them back, then I will celebrate with you” “And that’s how I grew up with everything I did, basketball, soccer, football. Everything that I played. In Nigeria its standard to try to check somebody if you see them making misstep. With the words that I said I didn’t make a miscalculation in my experience, but I can see how certain people perceive that. he said