Friday 21 August 2015

Oscar Pistorius's diva demands in jail -'He is allowed to cook his own food'

Oscar Pistorious is keen on making his stay in jail very comfortable as new details have emerged of his diva demands in jail .
South Africa's Judicial Inspectorate revealed the shamed paralympian had a bath installed in his prison cell and was given a new bed after he complained the old one was uncomfortable.
He has also been allowed to cook his own meals in Kgosi Mampuru II jail because he is paranoid that someone will try to poison him. 

Murasiet Mentoor, the regional manager of the Judicial Inspectorate, was asked to review a number of Pistorius’ complaints about his living conditions.

He told CNN:

‘He complained that he wanted a bath. They [correctional services) built a bath in his cell. He also had a complaint about his bed. And they replaced his bed for him.’Oscar was worried that the food in the prison might be poisoned and that it would affect his health,’ 
Mr Mentoor said Pistorius' fame and disability meant the hospital wing the only viable choice for housing him – as he would become a target for violence in the overcrowded cells
‘If you are a high-profile inmate, you are at risk because the other inmates and the gangsters within the correctional services will target you,’ he said.
It comes after Pistorius, 28, jailed for five years in October for shooting dead model Steenkamp, was told on Wednesday that he won't be released from prison today after serving one sixth of his sentence.

South African justice minister Michael Masutha said he had decided to stop his release, saying the decision was "premature". 

Pistorius now faces legal battles on two fronts – a review of the decision to free him into house arrest, and a bid by prosecutors to have him convicted of murder which was launched this week.He had been due to walk free from the prison in Pretoria just two days after what would have been Reeva’s 32nd birthday