Friday, 18 September 2015

Kris Jenner says she can't call ex-husband Caitlyn by her new name

Kris Jenner has reveled she can't address her ex husband by new name Caitlyn.Instead,she calls her Jenner.Speaking to Access Hollywood when asked ,she said
'No. I say ''Jenner''.'It's hard, you know, it's really, really hard. What I have realised in all of this is that everyone handles stuff a different way. No matter what it is, you know. We're all people. We all have different emotions,' 'I just thought she would be a little bit different.Bruce had a distinct personality and, you know, had definite characteristics. And Caitlyn has some different ones, I feel.'
 Asked if she could ever be 'great friends' and 'curl up on the couch' with Caitlyn, she added:
'I don't know about curl up on the couch, but she came over for a drink last night. And that was nice.'