Saturday, 31 October 2015

The Game dresses like Jidenna for Halloween

Rapper the game stepped out for Halloween as Nigerian /American singer, Jidenna.He nailed it! 

Yemi Alade dazzles in red hot dress for a new promo photo

The singer dazzled in red hot dress for a new  promo photo for her Johnny visual album which drops in two days ..stunning

Kylie Jenner is a snow princess for Halloween (Photo)

Kylie can be sexy sha.. The 18 years old star was spotted rocking an eskimo snow princess look for Halloween ..

I did not cancel N8.9m show with AUN –Wizkid

Wizkid has reacted to allegations he canceled anN8.9m school show at the last minute..The star was really on fire earlier in the week as so many people abused him on social media for allegedly cancelling a show with American University of Nigeria in Adamawa State.
A twitter user alleged that the singer had collected N8.9m from the organisers of the show only for him (Wizzy) to cancel it at the last minute.
Reacting to the allegation, the singer made it known that he was not happy about the way his image is being tarnished.
He explained to Saturday Beats that he did not cancel the show. He said the organisers of the event were not “forthcoming” when he gave them the option to choose a date.He said

“What really happened was that they were talking to me about an event in their school and the first date they chose was already booked. They asked for dates that I would be available and I gave them various options and they chose November 21, 2015. After choosing the date, I sent them a contract and after that they did not get back to me until someone else booked and paid for the date.
“When they got back to me last week, I told them that someone had paid for that date because we do not leave dates open for people as they could mess us up. We work on first come, first served basis. They said that they would pick another date next year because this year was not going to work for them. I spoke with the organisers last week and they said that they were shocked at what was happening on the social media because they thought of choosing March, 2016 as a suitable date.
“They told me that it was someone from their school that had nothing to do with the show that is tweeting wrong information. The guy who spoke with me was full of apologies about the incident. He said that they are finding ways to salvage the matter by countering the previous maligning tweets. He said that they are trying to clear the air because they do not like the dimension the situation is taking. They hope to fix another date with us to come for the show and they said they would not want us to have any problem,” he said..
“Their claims are very funny because they said I cancelled the show in the last minute. This is a show that they have not paid for, nothing is confirmed about the show and they have not started promoting it. This is a show that they do not have a contract with us and they said I cancelled it at the last minute. That is not fair. The organisers have repeatedly called to apologise and make me understand that the story did not emanate from their camp but from someone that has absolutely nothing to do with the show,” he said.

Nicki Minaj wow as a sexy fairy princess for Halloween(Photos)

Is Nicki Minaj giving us a hint?  The rapper just posted this on instagram "I'm a f-king fairy princess" she looks vibrant!

Hilarious Halloween Looks-Fans impersonate Caitlyn Jenner,Kim & Kanye,Nicki & MeekMill,Khloe & Lamar(Photos)

Its official, halloween season is here, fans are trying their possible best to impress  the world with their favourite celebs inspired outfits.  From Amber Rose, Caitlyn Jenner,Nicki and Meek Mill,Kim and Kanye,Denzel Washington to Rick Ross..Se the hilarious photos below..

How Cute? Friends duplicate North West and Penelope dress for Halloween

These two friends channeled North West and Penelope's famous photo for halloween. They nailed it!

36 dead after fire outbreak at nightclub halloween concert (Photos)

26 have been confirmed dead and 154 injured after the blast at the Colectiv Club,on Friday night. Deputy Interior Minister Raed Arafat said the death toll may still climb at the club, as 88 people are treated in hospital. The venue was hosting a rock concert for Halloween attended by up to 400, when the chaos broke out,Daily Mail reports..

The fire was believed to have started after fireworks burned through scaffolding. According to reports, clubgoers initially thought the flames were part of the show and did not immediately react.

Victor Ionescu, who was at the club with his girlfriend, told Antena 3 TV that 'people were fainting, they were fainting from the smoke. It was total chaos, people were trampling on each other.'

A young man filmed by Antena 3 said that flames engulfed clubgoers, burning their skin and hair. 

Although it has not been confirmed what caused the fire, a local TV station reported that the explosion may have been caused by fireworks. 

A witness told local station Realitatea TV one of the fireworks exploded and burned scaffolding that supported the pyrotechnic material.The scaffolding fell on people who were inside the club and victims claimed the ceiling collapsed.

Victims have reportedly suffered severe burns and others were being resuscitated on the pavement outside of the venue.

A man who escaped without shoes said: 'There was a stampede of people running out of the club.'

How I was robbed –Mercy Aigbe-Gentry

Last week,it was revealed Mercy Aigbe lost her expensive phones after a robber disguised as an electrician had access to her shop and stole some of her belongings. She told Saturday Beats
“I normally would not want to dwell on the matter because I cannot regain what they stole from me but I want people to learn from what happened to me. I was doing some repairs in my shop and I asked one of the workers who fixed the aluminum to help me get an electrician because I did not know any. He agreed and shortly after, someone claiming to be an electrician arrived. I showed him where to work and I left the shop for about 20 minutes.

“I don’t know how the guy broke into my office but he stole my two phones, a blackberry passport and iPhone 6plus. I thank God he did not cart away my money. He ran away immediately he took my phones and before we knew what was happening, he had disappeared. The aluminum guy claimed that was not the electrician he sent to me and till date, I have not seen the guy. Investigation is still ongoing but I am devastated because of all the contacts I have lost. Unfortunately, I did not back up my contacts,” she said.
 The actress said that the thief broke into her office at a wrong time because this is a time when she really needs her contacts.
She said, “I have a private screening of my movie, Victims, tomorrow and as I have lost my contacts, I don’t know how I would follow up on my guests. It has been a major setback for me but I thank God for the strength to cross the hurdle. I have learnt my lesson and anytime I buy a new phone, the first thing I would do is to back it up.”

Robbers force LAUTECH students to have sex with one another

A student of Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Ogbomoso, Oyo State has narrated how robbers invaded their hostel,raping them and forcing them to have sex with each other..In tears,Bimbola (not real name) agreed to narrate her ordeal to a Punch correspondent last Monday.

What she passed through in August was painful, unimaginable and dehumanising. In fact, she might not be able to forget that night in her life.Ever since the incident, everything about her has changed, according to her friend.
In the night of August 13, 2015 – around 12 midnight – she said she and her roommate had returned from a night reading class in preparation for their forthcoming exam in November, locked their room and were about to sleep when they heard their hostel mates jamming their doors, screaming and walking up the hostel stairs.
Before they knew what was happening, the men were at their door and expectedly, they forced the door open.
 “Come out now or we will kill you,” she recalled what the men told her and her roommate, and with fear and trembling, the girls did their bidding.
Three hefty fearful-looking men, clad in black polos and jeans, armed with guns, machetes and axes had stormed their hostel – located in the Under G Area of Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Ogbomoso, Oyo State – and demanded that all the students, both male and female, should gather in one room.

While one of the hoodlums stayed with the students, pointing guns at them should they ‘misbehave,’ the other two locked the entrance to the hostel, ransacked all rooms one after the other, stole the students’ laptops, money, debit cards, tablets and mobile phones.
But even after stealing all their property, the robbers were not done. The next command they gave the students was what Bimbola has not yet got over with.
She narrated,
 “They raped some girls in our presence, but not only that, they asked us to start having sex with ourselves. They called from among us a guy and a girl and asked them to have sex with themselves, right in everybody’s presence. They threatened to use their weapons on us if we didn’t cooperate. Then they asked all of us to strip naked. Since it was in the night, most of us ladies already had only our night gowns on, while most of the guys were just putting on boxers. They said we should all be naked. When they were satisfied, they called another pair of students to do the same thing and told everybody to watch.
“For about three hours, they dehumanised us, humiliated us. Unfortunately, nobody in the next hostel knew what was going on; if anyone knew, they would have helped us to call the police or the Student Union Government officials.”
But what was more pathetic about Bimbola’s story was that she didn’t just witness the whole action; she was also asked to have sex with a guy she never dated.
 “Everything happened like it was a dream. They pointed at a guy I knew as my junior and asked him to do ‘it’ with me. When I refused, they slapped me and I fell. I had no option than to do it. I looked at my roommate and she was already shedding tears for me. How humiliated I was!” she cried.
She further told our correspondent,
 “It was not a night to remember. I wish I could erase it from my memory. My friend and I returned to the hostel that night after reading in the school because our exam is fast approaching. If I knew something like that would happen, I would have stayed in the school till the morning, but I needed to prepare for the following day’s work. I had just finished having a shower when my roommate and I observed something was wrong. There was no light, so we couldn’t see properly, but we observed that our hostel mates were all jamming their doors at some men’s command.
“They cramped all of us in one of the rooms upstairs and we were all frightened. My parents are not yet aware of this incident and I don’t wish to share it with anyone again. I only agreed to speak to you because my friend here encouraged me to and I feel something should be done by the authorities concerned to stop this barbarism. I know I’ll be fine soon.”
Since July when they resumed for the semester, the students of LAUTECH have been witnessing robbery attacks and rape by the same set of unknown men – who call themselves ‘Three MOPOLs’ each time they barge into their victims’ hostels.
The Welfare Officer of the Student Union Government of the institution, Ridwan Okedara, said he could not count the number of calls he had received ever since the incident started occurring in July up till about two weeks ago. He said it was unfortunate that the hoodlums had yet to be apprehended.
He said, 
“I’ve received calls in the past four months almost every passing night about this incident. Victims and eyewitnesses usually say the robbers were always three and they would tell them they were the ‘Three MOPOLS,’ but we are not sure if they are not even more than that. For instance, there were some nights when I received calls that the robbers were operating in the Adenike Area (a popular students’ residential area near the school) and I would quickly call our security officers to go to the said hostel, but few minutes later, I would receive a call that they were operating somewhere else.
“Before the security people could get there, the robbers would have left and we would hear they had started operating somewhere else. We don’t know their tactics yet. From what we have heard from eyewitnesses, they would enter a hostel, pretend as if they were looking for somebody and before the students knew it, they would threaten them with guns and machetes and ask all of them to be inside one particular room after collecting their phones, laptops and money. They ask the students to strip off their clothes – both male and female, then ask them to start having sex with themselves. They could call a male from say 200 Level and ask him to have sex with say a 400 Level female student.
“These robbers rape our students and then ask the students to have sex with themselves. We’ve heard a case when the robbers used white handkerchiefs to wipe the private parts of the students after the act. We are also suspecting ritualism here. They go to hostels anytime from 8pm to 1am and from eyewitnesses’ accounts, there was usually no light anytime the hoodlums carried out their operation.”
This is exactly what another victim of robbery in September by the same
The other victim who spoke with our correspondent said, 
“It was very dark and there was no light to see their faces when they came to our hostel. They told us they were the ‘Three MOPOLS,’ and mere looking at them, we could not imagine how they were able to gain entry into our hostel and ordering all of us to go inside one room. We were told to take off our clothes and they raped some of the girls. They didn’t rape me and they didn’t ask me to have sex with anyone, but they stole my laptop and phone. It was traumatic. It was like experiencing hell that night.”

John Fashanu: "I paid my brother Justin £75,000 to prevent him coming out as gay"

John Fashanu has shamefully revealed how he responded to his brother becoming the first British football star to come out as gay – by paying him £75,000 to keep quiet.
The former Super Eagles striker made the shock admission a week after it emerged two top footballers including an England star – plan to come out .
In his first in-depth interview about brother Justin since his tragic suicide in 1998, he said:
“I begged him, I threatened him, I did everything I could possibly do to try and stop him coming out.I gave him the money because I didn’t want the embarrassment for me or my family. Had he come out now, it would be a different ball game.
“There wouldn’t be an issue, but there was then. Things are different now. Now he’d be hailed a hero.I’ll never forget when Justin first told me. He called me in the evening time and said to me: ‘I’m gay’."Then he said to me: ‘I’m planning to go to a newspaper’. I said to him: ‘Oh heavens forbid... oh my God. We don’t need that. You’re mad’.
“He promised when I gave him the money he would not go out and say that. Two days later... bang... headlines in a newspaper. I looked like a sucker.
“For me and my family it was like Hiroshima or Nagasaki on our lives. It knocked us dead, it was a total shock.“People might not like it, but I was trying to protect my family.
“You’ve got to remember the public’s perception of homosexuality at that time was that it was an abomination . It was taboo. Street boys were beating up gays in nightclubs.I give him credit for having the courage to come out and say it. But it caused a lot of confusion and animosity towards him, me, and my family.
“During matches, 30, 40, sometimes 45,000 supporters sang at me: ‘You’re big... you’re black... your a*** is up for grabs... Fashanu... Fashanu’.“As a result of him saying what he said, my mother died because of the stress. She actually died a year later on the day of his birthday."She was already old, very fragile and suffering cancer.“Then to be told her second eldest son was a homosexual was too much.”“I’ve never spoken about these things before because I was stamped a homophobe.

"But things have changed and I make it very clear: I was wrong. It was ignorance on my behalf.
"I didn’t understand him. I was trying to protect my family and I was worried about the effect on my career.In the process I lost my brother and I am very sad about that.
“He committed suicide because he was so distraught the world would not accept a black man who was homosexual.
"I couldn’t understand it and I couldn’t accept it and so whatever relationship we had before was killed .
“Previous to that, we had been very close, but it just shattered everything. I didn’t speak to him again. There’s a lot of sadness and regrets.”
  Of the two football stars preparing to come out as gay , which the Daily Mirror revealed last week: “If these young men feel it is the right time to come out and announce they are homosexual, please don’t anybody victimise them.
“Please be careful with words, don’t let it lead to the destruction of two men in their prime. I didn’t have that wisdom 20 years ago and it led to the destruction of my late brother Justin.
“We must accept them. I beg everybody not to make the same mistakes I made. Give them as much understanding as possible.”

Thursday, 29 October 2015

Kylie Jenner embraces natural new look as she steps out with Tyga

When she shared a pic of her without makeup and weaves,many thought it was just temporary.It seems Kylie has decided to ease up on the glam as she was spotted with Tyga arriving at the airport in New York..

Kanye joins the Kardashians/Jenners for Caitlyn Jenner's 66th birthday dinner

Kanye joined the Kardashians and Jenner's for Caitlyn's 66th birthday dinner. See how he's smiling! 

Drake Who? Serena Williams reportedly dating Reddit co-founder Alexis-Ohanian

It appears Serena Williams has moved on from Drake ..The 34-year-old Wimbledon champion, is reportedly now dating Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian, 32, after they 'met at a lunch'.

According to Us Weekly, the tennis star had the entrepreneur join her at her workout at the Los Angeles School of Gymnastics on Saturday, and while the relationship is 'new', and onlooker told the outlet that Alexis 'called her babe' and they 'held hands'.
The publication says her relationship with Drake was just a flirty relationship and she is looking for something more stable..

Julius Agwu set to open Christian nightclub in Lagos

Ace Comedian, Julius Agwu, says he has re-dedicated his life to God after surviving a brain surgery.The 42 year old has also vowed to live a Christian life from now after God gave him a second chance...
According to City People , he made it known that he would be opening a Christian nightclub called Believer’s Lounge(Tabernacle)at Lekki in two months time.
He said there will be no alcohol and smoking in his lounge.
The Comedian is also going to launch a TV show which he calls C.E.O (Christian Entertainer’s Outreach) and is to release a gospel song titled Second Chance.

Daniella Okeke wows in stripped crop top and pants

The curvaceous actress  bursts with colour in this fab stripped outfit designed and made by her..
Really nice! 

Khloe Kardashian and James Harden Are 100 Percent Still Together

Khloe and James Harden are still a couple ,E! News has confirmed..They report that,the couple is still 100 percent an item.
"Khloe and James never broke up. He's been so understanding and he knows that Khloe's love for Lamar is deeper than what most people can understand,"
"He's been very understanding and supportive. Lamar has a long road ahead of him and Khloe will always have the love she has for Lamar.
Khloe explained in her People interview she is very much aware of how the situation with Lamar complicates her other relationship, but she's grateful for Harden's understanding, support and love during this trying time.
"He's been great with me, and I'm just allowing everything to unfold,"If it's ever too overwhelming [for him], then I understand that as well."

North West Melt hearts with her cute ballerina outfit,tells Paps"No pictures"

She may be only two,but North West knows what it's like to be hounded by cameras..The little tot who was on her way to her ballerina class had enough of the paparazzi taking her pictures and yelled "I said no pictures" with an attitude to match .
See more below  

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Cossy kilode ??? (Photo)

Future features Blac Chyna and her 'butt' in Rich Sex video(Watch)

After claiming he was single,Future released a teaser of his new video  for 'Rich Sex''featuring Blac Chyna.Now,the question is if this has been a publicity stunt all along ..If it is and the tattoo was fake,hope she was paid well for the bashing she received so far..

Genevieve Nnaji stuns in Ankara dress

Today,the actress stepped out in this fab ankara outfit and pumps for a promotional tour of her highly anticipated movie,Road to Yesterday ..Pictured with her is OAP Chigurl who also makes an appearance in the movie....

I'm Not Back With Lamar -Khloe Kardashian explains why she called off divorce

Khloe Kardashian has broken her silence,revealing the real reason she called off her divorce with Lamar Odom..She tells PEOPLE exclusively 
"It's out in the media that we are back together, but I wish people understood that's not in our thought process right now,"There are too many other important things, too many medical things. It's not even in our brains thinking about us as a couple or having a relationship right now."
Makes a lot of sense... 

Some say I have no talent..Toke Makinwa celebrates 250k IG followers.......

 Media personality, Toke is celebrating 250 thousand instagram followers. She wrote about how people started out hating her...
"We are at 250k followers on Instagram!!!!! Yihaaaaaaa. You guys are the real MVP's. Some people might say it's only 250k but I don't sing, rap, act, twerk or to some people sef I don't even have talent. (it's ok) Thru it all God alone lifts my head. I have had the worst things said about me, people I know have tried to take food from my mouth but I remember at the start of my career, God told me "You will hold your peace Omotoke and I will fight for you". That is my secret. Thank you God that you are not MAN. I stay in my lane n I do me. Enough of the epistle, you guys rock! Yes I'm excited and yes it's not just Instagram.... It pays my bills too.

Who did this to Don Jazzy (photo)


Toke Makinwa says she's starting over .....

After reportedly moving to a new house, seems Toke Makinwa is moving on with her life ..She has been posting alot about moving on recently.Her most recent, this morning,seems to suggest she is starting over ...Probably can't live with the fact her husband was not only unfaithful,but got his mistress pregnant..

If true, can't fault her .It's not easy !

Is This Kylie Jenner ?????

The 18 year old looked her age after stripping herself of all her makeup and wig....She should rock this look for a while ..

Why Halle Berry and Oliver Martinez's Marriage Failed

The reason behind Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez's divorce was reportedly caused by huge arguments about where to raise their two-year-old son, Maceo.
The actress who filed for divorce from the French actor after two years of marriage, didn't see eye-to-eye with him about a lot of things, including about whether they should live in Los Angeles or Paris. 
A source told
 "Olivier never loved living in L.A. full time. [He] just isn't happy in L.A.
"They have had many issues. They both have fiery personalities and don't like to compromise. Halle has threatened to file for divorce several times after arguments.
 In 2012, Halle was legally blocked from moving to Paris with her seven-year-old daughter, Nalha, during a bitter custody battle with her ex-boyfriend Gabriel Aubry, but Olivier, 49, has continued to divide his time between both cities. 
Another source told E! News:
 "They have had long stretches of time apart and both seem happier when they don't have to deal with the other
"They have a lot of differences culturally and as far as lifestyle goes. Things didn't jive between them and they grew apart. It was a challenge to meet each other's needs and be on the same team.""They've essentially been separated for several months, but now they are both ready for a clean break and to move on with their lives.
"They have struggled for a long time and had been living separate lives. They waited it out for a while, seeing if things would improve, but they didn't."

This is her 3rd failed marriage.. 

Oge Okoye stuns in Denim on Denim

The actress and mother of two looking very fab...

Kris Jenner visits Scott Disick in rehab(Photos)

Kris Jenner showed support to Scott Disick after she paid him a visit in rehab.She also brought along his three children to the Cliffside rehab center in Malibu to meet up with the 32-year-old embattled star..

Despite all  the pain he's caused her daughter, Kris still loves him..She is such a supportive and understanding mother ..

Toolz and Asa stun at the Yellow Whistle Charity Ball(Photos)

The stunning Toolz and Asa was the co-host of attended the Yellow Whistle Charity Ballorganized by Samuel Eto'o's charity foundation ,at London's Claridge's Hotel.The ball is raising awareness and funds for refugees in Cameroon and  Nigeria.
Tollz was the co-host while Asa performed