Friday 23 October 2015

Brothel owner threathens to sue Lamar & Khloe Kardashian over $75,000 bill

Love Ranch owner Dennis Hof, who has been very vocal about Lamar’s stay at his brothel, claims that the former basketball star has to pay his $75,000 bill.
He has now threatened to sue Lamar and Khloe Kardashian if he doesn’t settle his bill. 
Speaking to the New York Daily News, he claimed he's been getting "a lot of questions" from Lamar's accounting people over the hefty bill.
“They’re requesting the credit card slips and asking, ‘Did he sign them?’ I sent them his driver’s license, the slips, some other stuff,” I have no problem filing against her or him. Khloe, she’s the wife. They’re responsible for their debts. Why are they calling me? They need to do the right thing and pay.”
He also claimed Lamar offered to pay that sum, with half of it being divided equally between two prostitutes - Monica Monroe and Ryder Cherry.