Sunday 8 November 2015

God hasn’t told me to replace Kefee -Teddy Don-Momoh

Teddy Don-Momoh a radio presenter and widower of the late award-winning artiste, Kefee opens up on life after her death and why he is taking his time to find love again..Excerpts from his interview withPunch 

What do you miss the most about your late wife? 
I miss her so much. Waking up in the morning and knowing she was still there were some of the memories I cherished. Today, I wake up and find books lying in her place. It is so sad.
How have you been coping since she passed on?

Life has got to move on. I am still trying to get a grip of myself. She was the best thing that actually happened to me but she just disappeared in a flash. I am happy that she is resting in God’s bosom. Although she is not here with me today, we both planned to be together forever. But, I cannot question God.
What were some of the plans you both had for the future? 
We had so many personal plans, but she is no longer there. It is more like when you are driving a car and you miss your way, you have to reroute. I am currently rerouting my life’s journey.
How difficult is the rerouting process for you? 
I am rebooting all over again. I am a Christian and I do not believe anything is difficult. As a child of God, I believe that whatever happens to you is the will of God for you. I tell myself that I live according to God’s will and I thank Him, knowing that everything is working together for my good to fulfill my destiny. I know my stand with Him.

Do you intend to remarry sooner or later? 
I am walking in God’s purpose. Whatever happens right now is in his hands. If he says I will marry again, I will know. It actually took me a long time before I married the first time, because I had not heard from God and had not met the right person. Now, I am in a hush moment.