Wednesday 18 November 2015

You are a terrible person-Charlie Sheen's exes claim he never told them he had HIV

Charlie Sheen is facing a number of lawsuits and being attacked by former partners after revealing he is HIV-positive.

Just hours after Sheen revealed that he has had the virus for 'roughly four years' and informed all of his sexual partners since that time, the actor's former girlfriend Bree Olson is telling a very different story.

She claimed that Sheen never once revealed to her that he is HIV-positive.In a teaser interview with Inside Edition,Olson said in tears

I could be dead right now! I could literally be dead right now because he did not tell me that!'  "He says he found out when him and I were together. I was living in his house. We were having sex every single night.'

Olson, went on to say that Sheen even went so far as to tell her he was 'clean,' and used lambskin condoms when they were together, which provide less protection than latex condoms and do not protect against viral sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV.
He used this word: I'm clean. I'm clean and - I know... but I believed him,'It was like playing Russian Roulette. That's the best way to put it. It was like putting a gun to my head and pulling the trigger each time.''I would never do to anyone what Charlie did to me. That is giving someone a possible death sentence. I would never do that to someone ever.'
As for her message to Sheen, she said;
 'Charlie, you're a terrible person. You're a terrible person. I will never forgive you.'
She was tested on Monday and is not HIV-positive. 

Shortly after Olson appeared on Stern's show another one of Sheen's sexual partners, Natalie Kenly, came forward to say that the actor never told her either that he is HIV-positive.Kenly and Olson were both with Sheen at the same time, and he referred to the women as his 'goddesses.'

Kenly told TMZ she is not HIV-positive and is not upset with Sheen. She also said that she does not plain to file a lawsuit against the actor.

TMZ is reporting that already six of Sheen's former sexual partners are planning to sue the actor for 'intentional infliction of emotional distress, fraud, sexual battery.'Some of these women are alleging they have had both protected and unprotected sex with Sheen as recently as a month ago.