Tuesday 15 December 2015

Bill Cosby hits back,sues 7 of his accusers for defamation...

Bill Cosby has fired back against some of the dozens of women who've accused him of sexual assault.
He countersued seven out of the forty women who'd sued him for defamation, saying they actually defamed him.
By saying he sexually assaulted them, the women hurt his reputation so much that plans for a new family comedy on NBC were derailed, the counterclaim said.His lawyer Monique Pressley said in a statement..

The women made "malicious, opportunistic, and false and defamatory accusations of sexual misconduct against" Cosby, . They made the accusations to hurt Cosby's reputation and to obtain financial gain.Cosby is seeking unspecified damages and public retractions from the seven women: Tamara Green, Therese Serignese, Linda Traitz, Louisa Moritz, Barbara Bowman, Joan Tarshis and Angela Leslie.

Cosby also denied he had sexually assaulted any of the seven women. He has not been charged with any crime.