Monday 21 December 2015

DRAMA ON IG! Between Music Video Director, Moe Musa & Mocheddah

Ig trolls have no chill lol. so video director Moe Musa tonight embarrassed himself on Mocheddah’s page, when the singer mistakenly tagged him instead of tagging her music producer. Mocheddah who said she had flu did a flawless rendition in the studio with her music producer and posted it on instagram. Instead of tagging @itsmosa, her music producer, she tagged @mrmoemusa and the video director quickly jumped on her, saying ‘That is not me, how can you get so confused, please delete this post’. He said a lot more than that and even said she behaved unprofessionally. A calmer Mo then screen grabbed his words and made it another post, gently telling him, he shouldn’t have gone that far with his words, as it was nothing but a mistake on her part.

But before Mo even made the new post, Nigerians had jumped on Moe Musa telling him to get over himself. You know the way teens insult? Oh dear, I am sure, Moe Musa wished he never yelled at Mocheddah.

Nigerian Video director goes berserk after mistake by Mocheddah
Veteran video director, Moe Musa, is boiling as we speak and he needs all the chills available in this part of world. Musician, Mocheddah, had posted a video of her studio session with her producer, Mosa,  but instead of tagging him in the caption, she mistakenly tagged Musa. Musa saw it and went on an epic rant on Mocheddah's page...... d high dollar price mst av gotten to him too. 😟😧😟......