Tuesday 15 December 2015

"Feels like a really hard recovery"- Kim Kardashian Reveals She's Lost 17 Pounds So Far

Kim Kardashians gave fans another inside look at her daily life when she decided to hold a live stream of herself cooking with Caitlyn Jenner.Though she didn't show herself ,she revealed that she's lost 17 pounds, thanks to eating healthy and breastfeeding.

 She also said losing weight this time would be harder than she did with North West.However, fans don't have to worry about her being absent for long as she explains she would soon reveal herself 
"it's not even about how I look…no makeup and sweats. I know I have been on social media a little bit, but I wanted this time to not have to care or post something about myself.""This feels like a really hard recovery but we will get through it. Everyone does it."she said