Thursday 24 December 2015

IK Ogbonna's wife shares some deep words to ladies- Stop using your kids to hurt your baby daddy

 IK Ogbonna's Colombian wife ,Sonia Morales shared some deep words for ladies who have fallen out with their baby daddies,and those who use their kids to hurt the men.(Could she be referring to his first baby mama?)She shared this adorable photo of IK and their son,Ace and wrote
If you want your children to grow into mentally and emotionally stable people,don't ever use your mouth to talk bad about other parent in front of them. Don't use your kids as a weapon for revenge against other parent just because you are not getting type of love or relationship you want from them.If someone is a bad partner for you that doesn't make him a bad parent. Stop being selfish,stop using innocent kids to fix your own issues and deal with your own desperations,bitterness and failed expectations. Yes,you will successfully hurt other person because every normal parent loves his child,but keep in your mind that nobody will suffer and get affected more then your own kid.
Nowadays is so easy to switch things and make a man seem like a bad father even when he's truly not just because you are not happy with him for different reasons.
My ladies,you are better than that.
Every kid deserves a healthy relationship with both parents.
Don't deny them that right.
The most precious gift I could ever give to my kids is choosing THE BEST DAD IN THE WORLD for them. The best choice I have ever made. You have to know this man personally to understand  #AcesFirstChristmasEve