Friday 18 December 2015

Kris Jenner fires entire security team after intruder gained entry into her home

Kris Jenner has reportedly fired her entire security team after a man was arrested for trespassing at her home. 

TMZ claims that the 60-year-old was so enraged by the incident that she has axed all of her current protection detail after they failed to reasonably explain the slip-up. 
Kanye West,  is said to have directed his own security team - made up of former police officers - to oversee the property until the reality star hires in new bodyguards.

Kris is said to be especially fuming as the house is covered by guards 24-hours a day and her grandchildren North and Saint are staying at the property while Kim and Kanye's home is being renovated.

The man apparently took a bus all the way from Texas to meet the 60-year-old star. When she was confronted in her office, she quickly realised he wasn't a staffmember and called the Sheriff's office, before her then security team removed him.

He is currently at a hospital on a psychiatric hold.