Friday 25 December 2015

Mum's Distress As Daughter, 11, Gets Vile Christmas Card

A distressed Irish mum has posted a 'vile' Christmas card that was sent to her 11-year-old daughter calling her a ‘f**king b**ch' and telling her to attend another school. The card also says that the little girl is hated by everybody at the school.

The cover of the card is a Christmas picture of four cats with the words 'Mistletoe and Mischief'. On the inside of the card, the handwritten message starts with: "Hello b***h. Your (sic) are a b**ch. We all hate you. You are a f**king bitch. And a little c**t,” it went on.

"We all hate you at school, basketball, football, running and the musical. Everywhere you go. Don’t ask us to ure (sic) house or a sleepover. Don’t ask us. We hate your house." The note ends with another "go to a other school b**ch." Continue...

The card is understood to have been sent by a kid of similar age to the 11-year-old that got it, The Irish Independent reports.

The little girl's mum wanted to highlight the bullying so she posted two pics on Facebook of the card. Social media users have however condemned the bullying and asked her mom to investigate it.