Friday, 22 January 2016

Iggy Azalea blasts her record label ,president for refusing to shoot her video

Iggy Azalea has put her record label on blast after they refused to shoot a video for her new single "Zillion"..She took to twitter to air her frustration
"My record label Virgin/EMI seems to feel the response to my viral record "Zillion" wasn't good enough & I'm not allowed a video,""I felt like it was dope so, whatever. Ted Cockle (Virgin/EMI Records President) doesn't wanna see me shine. What can I say?"
 When a fan asked what the label expected from her, Iggy responded,
"They expect me to find a pop star to wack onto a radio friendly song with me rapping the verses. That's what THEY want. It's Cockle's fault.""I'm trying to switch to just Def Jam but Cockle is making it hard."