Wednesday 20 January 2016

ISIS confirms the death of executioner Jihadi John with bizzare obituary

After months of silence and speculation,ISIS has confirmed the death of British fighter 'Jihadi John', in a bizarre obituary that praises him as an 'honourable brother'.The obituary, published in ISIS' online magazine Dabiq, said that he was killed in a drone strike in their Syrian stronghold of Raqqa in November.

Born Mohammed Emwazi, he was the masked clad executioner who appeared in a string of  beheading videos .The group said the 27-year-old was killed on November 12 'as the car he was in was targeted in a strike by an unmanned drone in the city of Raqqa, destroying the car and killing him instantly..It reads

‘At a young age, the honorouable brother travelled with his family to London. This would become a place he grew to hate along with its kafir [non-Muslim] people, whose customs were far-removed from the praiseworthy values he was much accustomed to.

‘It was through the mercy and blessings of Allah that Abu Muharib attained the gift of a sound aqidah [creed] and correct manhaj [methodology] despite residing in one of the centres of kufr [non-belief] and despite the increased presence of deviants calling to the gates of Jahannam [hell].'On his last attempt to leave the UK for Kuwait, Emwazi was stopped at the airport and kept for questioning by MI5.He ‘presented himself as unintelligent, as was his method when dealing with intelligence agencies’‘Depending upon Allah alone for success, [Emwazi] with his companion embarked on a long and strenuous journey that totalled approximately two months and involved trekking the mountain ranges of Europe and its marshy farmlands, sneaking across borders and being detained by the authorities of various nations on at least two occasions.’ ‘It was [Emwazi’s] sincerity, ambition and enthusiasm to work and tire himself for Allah’s sake that granted him prominence, as he grew to be loved and respected by many.’