Monday 11 January 2016

Man Accused Of Murdering His Partner & Kids Who Fled To Ghana Is Finally Arrested

Arthur Simpson-Kent, 48, who was living with his partner, Sian Blake, an Actress and is accused of murdering her and their two young sons, 4 and 8, then fled from UK to his hometown, Ghana, has been tracked down and finally arrested. Arthur was arrested over the weekend at a beach in Ghana. 

He fathers 8 children from 6 women. His first babymama had granted Dailymail an interview when his pictured surfaced as a murderer saying his first child, their 18-year old daughter said she can’t stand to see her father being called a murderer in the pages of newspapers even though he has never been there for her. The woman however said, Arthur is a callous man and she was sure he had returned to Ghana after the murder and advised him to kill himself before the police find him. See more photos below.