Friday, 15 January 2016

Presidency-Why cameras were banned during Buhari's meeting with Chibok parents

 The presidency has reacted to reports President Buhari walked out  during meeting with Chibok parents yesterday.They also explained why cameras and journalists were banned from covering the meeting.. According to SSA media to the president ,Garba ShehuWe thank the BBOG_Nigeria for a good event. 
    But that is not to say that all of the accounts of the meeting on Twitter are accurate.President Buhari could not have stormed out of his meeting with the #Chibok parents, stakeholders and the BBOG_Nigeria.He (President Buhari) was called to speak at a meeting he did not start. He did his part and left so that the meeting would continue It is a simple meeting procedure. He had to leave without being disruptive That is what happened.
The ministers did not even escort him. They stayed back to conclude the meeting .I thought that the President should be praised for ending his meeting with a foreign leader to come and  for the courtesy & respect he showed to the parents & the BBOG, which is undoubtedly Africa's best known social action movement. We asked cameras out for two reasons. Sensitive security information may be disclosed.Two, privacy is not unusual with leaders around the world when they meet families in grief.We didn't want anyone to get the sense that the President was exploiting their images in a photo op. Regards!