Monday, 29 February 2016

Caroline Danjuma lashes out at Instagram haters

The  actress and entrepreneur lashed out of Instagram Haters. This comes after someone slammed her earrings as cheap.She then set the record straight, saying they are diamonds and sapphire...
"Instagram has become an avenue where faceless people feel they can out rightly insult you or bully you and expect you to be quiet. There is a difference between a polite criticism and a direct insult .
What you dish out is what you get. I am on social media to get closer to my fans and it is lot easier for those who need my assistance to contact me but I can also live without it. Respect is reciprocal . Don't insult me or the team that worked so hard out rightly in public and expect me to ignore you. Be matured in your criticism . I don't expect everyone to like me but then don't try to insult or bully me I will defend myself ."