Thursday, 4 February 2016

Kim K defends Kanye after Rolling Stone denied his 'cover'

So, this is Kanye season as he has been in the news lately..Kanye shared a photo of a Rolling Stone cover shot by African American rapper,song writer and graphic designer,Tyler the Creator..Rolling Stone took to twitter to deny the cover,saying that is not an actual cover of Rolling Stone.Kim came to his defense in the comment section,writing ''IT SHOULD BE'
Kanye then went ahead to run a poll asking if that should be the cover..As at the moment,58 percent agree.
I guess what happened was, Tyler created his own version of a Rolling Stone cover, Kanye liked it and felt it was worthy enough to be a cover,,He then tweeted it to get Rolling Stone's attention.They responded.Aim achieved ..
Well,he said he won't stop till they make it a cover.What Kanye wants,Kanye gets..Kim K on Vogue remember?