Wednesday 24 February 2016

MBA holder quits her corporate job to become a porn star

A high-achieving graduate has opened up on why she turned her back on a promising career to pursue her dream of becoming a PORN mega-star.

Alix Lynx worked hard to earn a degree in communications and then an MBA in digital marketing, and was rewarded with a string of office jobs.

But she decided to carve out a career in porn..
The 26-year-old says she first realised she wanted to be an X-rated movie star after watching a documentary about the industry.Speaking to the online magazine,, she revealed:
"Porn is something I wanted to do since I was a teenager.
"Some of my friends knew. [When I was a teenager] I came across a stack of Playboy magazines at a friend's. At that age, I was like, 'Holy cow, these girls are beautiful'.I wanted to be like that."

 She set herself up as a webcam girl and quickly learned the trade..

Alix told
"I had no idea what to expect. When you're a new girl, you're labelled in bright yellow.Members love new girls because they're "fresh meat," so they flocked to me when I logged on."
And at the age of 25, after a year of working as a full-time webcam girl, she flew out to California to pursue a career in porn..
She kept her kinky job hidden from her family until August when her Facebook friends shared a viral video of her simulating oral sex with a lollipop.

While she admits her family doesn't approve of her job, she insists they are "actually very supportive" of her choices.