Sunday 14 February 2016

Oh No! Guy invites cheating girlfriend on Valentine date,dumps her in an EPIC way

For Valentine’s Day ,a guy who found out that his girlfriend is cheating on him decided to embarrass her for the whole world to see.
In a video posted on February 12th,he invited her to his home, which apparently is over an hour away, and told her that he had an intimate night in store for her. He had rose petals on the floor,blindfolded her and gave her a glass of wine.She looked so happy at the surprise then he tells her that he has one last surprise for her. 

She puts the tie back on her face and he hands her a card and tells her to open her eyes.She was shocked to find screenshots of her cheating printed on the card, he then ordered her to leave while telling her he was putting the video on youtube to make her famous...
 Savage.Watch below