Monday 1 February 2016

This model alerts girlfriends of men who send her penis pictures online

An Australian model tired of seeing her male Instagram followers’ private parts has decided to shame the senders by letting their wives and girlfriends know what they were up to online.
Emily Sears, a 31-year-old beauty based in Los Angeles, has over 2 million followers and a constant stream of creeps to send in their own pictures of their pensises. Emily told BuzzFeed News.

 “I usually receive at least one or two dick pics per day, at minimum,”  “It’s just been consistently happening for so long. I became absolutely fed up with these kinds of disturbing and disgusting messages and comments online.”
So one day, she decided to do something about it: let the girlfriends of the men sending the nude photos know how their partner was behaving online

“I think it provides an accountability that people seem to lose online; being behind a screen gives people a false sense of anonymity,” she said.
Emily was not alone: Her friend Laura, a DJ also based in L.A., says she has also been sent unsolicited nude photos for years across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
“I think the first time I decided to contact a girlfriend was probably close to two years ago when I opened my Instagram inbox to yet another dick pic with an explicit caption about wanting to fuck me from some random guy I’d never spoken to,”
“I wrote back, telling him that his behavior was terrible, and he replied with a string of sexual slurs and abuse, and kept calling me a slut.”
When Laura clicked on the profile of the man to block him, she noticed almost every photo he had posted was with his girlfriend, and was described in captions by his girlfriend as “the best boyfriend ever!”
 I guess I felt really sad for her,” Laura said. “So I sent her a message with a screenshot of our conversation telling her that I was really sorry, but I thought she deserved to know how her boyfriend was behaving towards other women.
“I know if the roles were reversed and it was my boyfriend sending that shit out, I would want to know.”
The pair have made it a regular thing: Click on the men’s profiles, see if they have a partner, and send a message. Sometimes they take a screengrab of the wife’s or girlfriend’s profile and send it back to the men.
  I have noticed since posting my responses as a warning that the number has been significantly lower. I think my followers are slowly getting the message.”

The pair don’t always hear a response back from the girlfriends or wives. However, when they contact the men with photos of their partners’ profile page, the reaction is usually a “panicked apology.”