Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Unlike Beyonce,Rihanna will never be a legend -Wendy Williams

I don't know why Wendy Williams likes picking on certain celebrities..i.e Kanye,Rihanna,Kim Kardashian..In her latest episode of hot topics, she says,Rihanna would never be a legend despite her number one singles and record breaking accomplishments .She said Beyonce on the other hand would still perform at 55..
" Rihanna will not be a legend.Nope! Beyonce would do her residency in Vegas at 55 years old and you would go see her .Rihanna will attempt to do it but as soon as she says the  B word better have my money .....Rihanna is good for right now.She is not a legend"
Waiting for Rihanna's epic response..