Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Man drags woman out of her car in Delta,butchers her

A middle-aged woman (name withheld), has been allegedly gruesomely murdered last Saturday, by a man who’s name was given simply as Sunny, at Agbor, Ika South local government area of Delta state.
The victim was said to have been ambushed by her assailant who is currently being detained in police custody, for about two days at the particular spot along Agbor-Sakponba Road, where he dragged her out of her gray coloured Toyota saloon car and descended on her.

According to a source in the community, the victim was going to attend a burial ceremony at Oki on the fateful day before her assailant snuffed breath out of her.
“The murderer was so callous. The suspect used cutlass to cut her ear, stomach, buttocks, back, laps and spread her legs on the road, exposing her private part. We have never seen a thing like this before,” the source said.
The source noted that the shout of the victim attracted people to the scene but that their intervention came too late.
“When the mob gathered and saw the lifeless woman in the pool of her blood, they attacked the assailant who was still holding his blood stained cutlass. They even broke his head before the police came and took him away,” the source said, adding that, the intervention of policemen saved the assailant from being killed by angry mob.
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David Beckham quietly steps down as director of wife Victoria's fashion empire

Despite 17 years of marriage and several homes around the world,David and Victoria Beckham have decided it's best for their companies to exist independently.

Documents obtained by RadarOnline show that the footballer quietly resigned as a director of Victoria Beckham Ltd - her highly successful fashion brand - in December 2014, after serving in the role for six years. 
Meanwhile Victoria heads her sought-after fashion label, David keeps busy with DB Ventures Limited, which is 'focused on exploiting the David Beckham brand'.

David’s departure from VBL represents just the latest of the couple’s quiet capital moves, adding fuel to the fire of divorce rumors.
In May 2014, the couple sold their  “Beckingham Palace” estate in Hertfordshire. Then in August, 2015, it was their Madrid mansion that sold. And in October, 2015, they sold off their French villa on the Cote d’Azur.

EgyptAir plane carrying 82 passengers hijacked,forced to land in Cyprus

An Egyptian passenger plane carrying 82 passengers and a crew of 7 has been hijacked by a man wearing a suicide vest. It was forced to make an emergency landing in Cyprus.  

EgyptAir MS181 was en-route from Alexandria to Cairo when it requested permission to make an emergency landing at Larnaca Airport on Cyprus.

The hijacker made no immediate demands and later allowed Egyptian passengers to disembark, Cypriot state television reported.In a statement issued in Arabic, EhyptAir said, “negotiations with hijacker resulted in the release of all the passengers except cabin crew and four foreigners.”

Woman pulls in front of ex-boyfriend's new Rolls Royce,disables car with one shot(Photos)

A Texas woman, Quindolyn Kauffman was arrested after allegedly confronting her ex-boyfriend and disabling his brand-new Rolls Royce with a single gunshot.

The 23-year-old is accused of driving after her old beau Darrell Jones on a major road in Houston around 3 a.m. Tuesday morning before pulling in front of him and stopping, police told CW39.
Police say she then opened fire into the grill of his luxury car.

Jones, a 41-year-old jeweler, was not injured but his engine began leaking oil, forcing him to pull into a hotel parking lot.A bodyguard for the merchant — who has a private security detail because of his business — followed Kauffman while police were alerted.
She was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon

Toyin Lawani shows off her fancy office

The fashion designer and entrepreneur showed off her fancy and colourful office in Lekki,Lagos..She also had a fun day out with her two kids..
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Ciara,Russell Wilson and son,Future's family fun day at Disneyland(Photos)

Ciara, fiancé , Russell Wilson, and her son Future,spent their Easter holiday at Disneyland..The couple who recently got engaged were the perfect picture of one big happy family ..
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Shaquille O'Neal Proposes To His Girlfriend On Instagram

Basketball legend Shaq O'Neal seems to have proposed to his girlfriend of two years on Instagram. Shaq has been dating Laticia Rolle since 2014.  Last week, under one of Laticia's posts on Instagram, Shaq popped the question, "Will you marry me?" It's wasn't until 3 days ago that she answered him under the post.
"Yes I will. Today, tomorrow and forever yours," she wrote.
Would you take such a proposal seriously? I guess ''Social media ti take over'.... 

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Jonathan called me 19 days after Chibok girls’ abduction -Shettima

Governor Kashim Shettima of Borno State on Monday said former President Goodluck Jonathan did not call him until after 19 days after the abduction of over 200 schoolgirls from the Government Secondary School, Chibok, Borno State, in 2014.

Speaking while receiving former President Olusegun Obasanjo at the Government House, Maiduguri,Shettima said he believed Obasanjo would have handled the issue of the kidnapping differently were he to be the nation’s President at the time.He said

He stated, “In our own case, Your Excellency, after the Chibok abduction of over 200 schoolgirls in April, 2014, it took 19 days for me to receive a call from the Presidency. I brought this mainly to show the difference, because we will only appreciate scenarios when we make comparisons.”

Kourtney Kardashian & Scott Disick get real flirty, as he says 'we're geting back together'

Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian are definitely more fun than they were as a couple.  On Monday the pair got playful in three Snapchat videos, sparking rumours they could be rekindling their romance.Kourtney said in the first video
“Look who it is - baby daddy Disick at the studio. I run into him today,”
Another clip shows Scott saying,

 “Hey, so, I wanted you guys to hear it first - we’re getting back together.”
Kourtney laughs it off as Scott tries to kiss her, adding: “No!”
A third video shows the reality star giving his ex a huge hug before cheekily grabbing her boob.

Monday, 28 March 2016

Mercy Johnson and hubby celebrate Easter by giving back (Photos)

To celebrate Easter ,Mercy Johnson and hubby donated lots of gifts including cash to widows in Lagos ...
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Eva Alordiah involved in car accident, narrates her experience(Photos)

Rapper Eva Alordiah was involved in a car accident this afternoon after the taxi driver rammed into her car from behind.She narrated her experience below *side note*(She's such as good writer)
The accident happened at 1:00PM The impact from the car that hit me behind sent my head propelling forward towards my windshield. I was thankfully restrained by my seat belt. The resounding clash of metal and tyres screeching kept on ringing in my head.
I could not believe anything could make such a loud bang let alone that I was in an accident. All of a sudden I realized I was alive. The woman driving in front of me came out of her car. 
The man who hit me behind came out of his car too. Then he put his two hands on his head the way Nigerians are known to do when they realize they are in deep shit. I thought of My mother and what she would think of her car and this wreck. Then I remembered my life was even more important than a mere car.  I blinked and the police arrived and I was too glad to see them. I wasn't ready to deal with the man who hit my car, who was now rolling himself on the road beside the wreck, hands on head, hands akimbo, hands back on the head. "Ahh! Aye mi!" He was saying. 'All this one is just film' I thought to myself. I looked away from his dramatization and searched out an officer to speak with. "This is my Mom's car," I said plainly to the officer who presented himself to me. "Please ensure that this man fixes this damage." The Police officer nodded vehemently and said "The Police is your friend, don't worry."We went to the station. They said we should both write statements. I called my big brother whom I had spoken to when the accident occured. "We are in the Police station in by the traffic light," I said when he picked up the phone. He was with me I'm 12minutes. 
It wasn't Until after I had written my statement, Spoken to my Mom and refreshed the events of the afternoon in my mind that I realized the one thing I missed all along. I had been so preoccupied with the thought that someone had hit me and damaged the car that I failed to realize one simple truth...Here I was worrying about my Mom's car and a man could have lost his life from his wreckless driving. A child would have missed her father. A mother would have been left to wail and grit her teeth. Friends would have been sent in a state of complete shock. It would have been an irreparable loss and nothing to be compared with whatever damage he had caused my Mom's car. 

So as we sat in the police station side by side, I realized my folly and feeling ashamed of myself, I turned to him and said, "Are you OK? " he nodded. The look in his eyes was distant. "Is that your car?" I asked. He nodded again.

 "What do you do?" "Cab driver." "Is that your cab?," My tone had eased up and fallen in pitch. When he said "Yes" in response, I immediately felt sorry for him. I call my Mom back to tell her the state of things. She is surprisingly cool for someone with a Car OCD. I tell her everything is under control. She says no problem. 

I turn to the man who ran into me. "We thank God for Life," I said. He nodded again. Then raised his eyes up to the ceiling. There was a God up there. And my mother might never give me her car again. #ButIAmFine #MyGodPassThem #gratitudeAlways  

Rihanna puts on a very sexy display at her ANTI tour in NYC(Photos)

Rihanna showed off her assets as she took to the stage in New York on Sunday night..The singer made sure she entertained with sexy moves at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn as part of her ANTI World tour.

Woman, 65, rescued after trying to swim to cruise liner following argument with hubby

A British holidaymaker has been rescued from the Atlantic after apparently trying to swim to her cruise liner when it left port without her.

Susan Brown, 65, was pulled from the ice-cold waters in the early hours of Sunday with severe hypothermia after more than four hours swimming a third of a mile out to sea in the hope of making it to her ship, the Marco Polo.
She is thought to have jumped into the water from beside Madeira Airport after believing her husband Michael - with whom she had argued - had got back on board when she lost sight of him.

The pair had cut short a 32 day tour from West Indies on day 28 - with cruise operator Cruise & Maritime Voyages offering them flights out of the Portuguese island to fly back to Bristol on Saturday evening.

However, it appears that after losing her husband some time before boarding the jet home, Mrs Brown became convinced he had returned to the vessel.When the ship then passed the coastal runway, she is said to have taken to the water to make chase....

Gripping her handbag the entire time, Mrs Brown made it more than 1,600ft before struggling. according to local reports.
Her life was eventually saved by passing fishermen who heard her panicked screams for help shortly after midnight.

From a sun soaked café in Santa Cruz, brothers Leonardo and Carlos Correia and fellow fisherman Marildo Freitas claimed that they were the ones who had rescued Mrs Brown and said she was just half an hour from death when they pulled her from the chilly water.
‘I just saw her pale white face bobbing in the water,’ Marildo told MailOnline.‘She was barely conscious – she’s lucky to be alive – I don’t think she would have lasted another 30 minutes.’
 Police have confirmed her husband, 69-year-old Michael, did not return to the Marco Polo. The cruise company today stated that he had taken his flight back to Bristol and is now home.It is not yet known if he now plans on returning to the island to visit his wife.

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God forbid..I reject it -Praiz on having a baby mama

 Nigerian star singer,Priaz has opened up on the baby mama trend ,saying he needs a wife not a baby mama..Speaking to the Nigerian Tribune, when asked if  we are to hear baby mama news anytime soon,he retorted
No! God forbid that. I beg. I reject it in Jesus name. I mean, I will like to settle down and I really look forward to settling down.
On being scared that his fan base could drop if he announces to the world he's getting married..He replied
I don’t think it is true. I used to think like that before, but not anymore. I know a lot of celebrities who are married and are still keeping their fan base stronger. I don’t think marriage will affect my fan base.

Photos from Noble Igwe's traditional wedding

Blogger and entrepreneur Noble Igwe is tying the knot traditionally today! He proposed to his beautiful bride, Chioma Otisi in December 2015..Congrats to them..

Seyi Shay stuns in green pant suit

There is something unique about her style....Lovely!

MC Oluomo cries out -They took pics of prostitutes...I didn't stage 'braless' party

Last week, social media was agog with pics from the birthday party of popular Treasurer of Lagos State chapter of the National Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW), Musiliu Akinsanya, a.k.a. MC Oluomo.According to reports, the birthday party was  tagged ''Braless'' night and required ladies to show up braless..
He has reacted angrily to claims he staged the braless party and blames it on his enemies.He also said the girls who showed up braless were prostitutes..ouch! He told Encomium ...

“We all know how big Da Place is, and a lot of people come there, including prostitutes. They only took the pictures of some prostitutes and club girls who were not part of the event, who didn’t even get close to the venue where they organized the party for me, and they posted the pictures to depict my guests. If you check the pictures very well, you will agree with me that they’re club girls, not my guests.
 To cry it loud, I am a devout muslim which I believe everybody knows. I pray five times daily, and I have been to Mecca, Saudi Arabia for both lesser Hajj and full Hajj many times. Not only that, I have also sent a lot of people to Mecca on pilgrimage, and of course which I do every year. How, for God’s sake, can I be involved in such immorality? How can I organize that kind of a party? What do I stand to gain from such a thing?
“For instance, you as a man, if I invite your wife to such a party, will you allow her to come?
“At this juncture, I believe you also should understand that the whole thing was fabricated by enemies of progress whose aim was to bring me down. But my belief is that the house God has built, no one can demolish it.
“I know I have enemies and there are opposition here and there who may want to do everything to malign me. That can’t happen because Allah is solidly behind me 

Aww ! This couple's wedding pics will make you believe in true love

Photos show this couple with a significant height difference getting married over the weekend..Who says true love doesn't exist! LOL

Kendall Jenner's Easter church outfit has tongues wagging

Kendall Jenner has tongues wagging after she attended Easter church service in a belly baring top ..Many feel it is inappropriate and have slammed her look on social media..

Susan Peters' thoughts on acting nude....

Susan Peters has given her take on acting nude.. The actress who wed her Dutch lover in October 2015 told Encomium magazine
" I have never acted nude. That has been a no, no for me even before getting married. I don’t support it. I have never acted nude and will not act nude. Of course, you could take off some clothes but not totally nude. In our culture, we don’t allow that. If I try it, my mother in the village will say the village people have followed me to town"

The actress and mother of three put her bootylicious figure on display as she stepped out last night in a black backless dress..
Curves for days..See another new pic of her below