Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Makeup artist slams director Mattmax for refusing to give her a job because of his wife

Checkout this leaked convo between a makeup artist and top music video director, Mattmax...She contacted him, requested for a job and he said no because his wife is irreplacable,even sent her the Instagram handle of his wife..She got pissed at his response and accused him of being under a spell....

This won't be the first time people have alleged the director is under a love spell following their wedding in 2015. I just see man in love ..Read and decide if she has a point ..Left to me, I say this is every woman's dream husband oh..Not men who can't say no to a woman!

The makeup artist wrote
This is a convo between me and popular Nigerian video director @directormattmax . Could this really be mattmax replyin me or his wife @awelebeauty . If this is mattmax for real then this is just the height .. why so shallow minded? Are you suffering from inferiority complex or what? Are you scared of cheating on your wife??was my beautiful Dp scaring you?? I even wrote sir, but this drama king took life personal .. funny enough alot of vixens complained about this stupid attitude. Have you been jazzed? Who is taking you from your wife?? You are so shallow minded With all due respect sir . Im sure most video vixens and videoshoot makeup artist can relate to this. ..
In response, he posted a photo of his wife with a loving caption...