Monday 21 March 2016

Toyin Aimakhu's ex-lover Seun Egbegbe opens up "She repaid my love with lies...

Toyin Aimakhu's ex-lover and Ebony Films boss,Seun Egbegbe has opened up following their split last month.

Remember,Toyin released a disclaimer distancing herself from him .He told Best of Nollywood...
"On the fateful day I left TOYIN at home where we both live and went for a meeting, she left for a location and hours later my phone started ringing and people started saying the “prostitute you put at home is crying on Instagram over another man”.
 I called Toyin immediately and I said what is this I am hearing and that even if you are going to do anything why didn’t you tell me your boyfriend so i can know what to them? I expected her to remove it but hours later it was there and I had to rush to the location where I seized her phones but I left my Range Rover which I had been allowing her to drive to shore up her image as a Nollywood star, with her though..
A few hours later I saw about 10 missed calls and I called back it was one Taiwo Adepekan she is an upcoming actress who said that she was coming with Toyin to beg me and I said she should finish her job because what do I want to do with the phone anyway, it was because of the love I have for Toyin that made me take her phones cos I thought she was making a fool of her self and was also being unfair to our relationship. I would have dropped her phone eventually cos when I took her phone she still had my Range Rover anyway . 
. Hours later, I started getting calls again that Toyin has been kidnapped and they alleged that I was the one that kidnapped her and I was shocked beyond words. I then got a call from Taiwo again saying Toyin had gone to report to a woman in Alausa and she was angry with Toyin that why are you doing this, he took just your phone while you still had his Range Rover so why are you doing this? I am shocked Toyin behaved this way, when we started dating, I had 2 cars a Range Rover and Honda Crosstour which was stolen. I gave Toyin the Range Rover while I took cabs around town spending an average of N10k daily and I gave her the best to make her happy and I don’t know why she will repay my love, kindness and all with all this defamation of character and destruction of my name.""