Wednesday 27 April 2016

Kendall Jenner screams at Rob for re-gifting her present to Blac Chyna

In a new clip for the upcoming 12th season, Rob gets a verbal lashing from Kendall Jenner after she discovers he has given the Christmas present she got him to Blac Chyna.She tells Kylie
'I’m so mad. I would have given that to someone else,'  'I’m going to tell him to give it back to me.'
Kylie, who kept Kim on the line to listen in, agreed. 
'Kendall, call him right now and say, “I want it back,” and see what he says,'
 Explaining that things aren't exactly rosy between Rob's sisters and his new fiancee, Kendall told the cameras:
 'Rob is dating someone that has kind of had a bad history with my family and he fully re-gifted my gift. On top of it, it’s so annoying to find out through social media – because his girlfriend posted it. There’s some things that just aren’t cool and I don’t think this is very cool.'
Rob had apparently also given Chyna a keyboard and pen Kendall had bought him as well, and the model told her big brother that she wanted 'it all back'.

'Because if you’re not going to use it, I have someone who actually really is dying for it,' she fumed.
'One, I’m annoyed. Two, I’m actually hurt that you re-gifted my f***ing gift that I went out of the way to give you.'
But Rob didn't care, and pointed out that his younger sister shouldn't either, because she apparently rarely buys him anything.
'That’s the first time you’ve ever got me a gift your entire life!' he said, to which Kendall replied: 'Why are you being so defensive?'

Culled From E Online!