Thursday, 28 April 2016

Radio Couple! Gbemileke Oyinsan celebrates 4th Wedding Anniversary With Wife Titilayo (photo)

 Radio couple Gbemileke Oyinsan who got married to his co-host Titilayo Oyinsan of Inspiration fm  are celebrating their 4th wedding anniversary today. Gbemileke took to Instagram to celebrate his marriage by sending a special shout out to his wife.  Happy Anniversary to them.


          ''I still look at you today like I do in this picture @titithedynamiteand ask.." Why did you serve me small meat in my plate?" 😄...I also ask why I have been chosen to be blessed with a dynamite woman like you? Answer?... I don't have one but I will cherish the heaven out of each second I spend with you. 
In a world where there is every reason to give up on give me a million reasons to stay in love.
   Thankyou for being my compass pointing home always in a world where it's so easy to miss your way or go down a wrong path. 
Thank you for being a fantastic mother to@AmberandRubyoyinsan...God knows I don't have the patience you were blessed with. Thankyou for your heartfelt prayers, the words of encoragement spoken at the right time. 
Don't know how we made it this far 4 years later today..I guess we just took it one day at a time. It's the only way to do it I guess. We kept & keep our bizness OUR bizness 😉 
I love you in ways that words fail me to express. Thankyou Lord for helping us keep our promise to each other 4 years ago today🙏

TGL 2012-2016...Aspire|Achieve|Together|Forever👰👄