Tuesday, 20 September 2016

How cute are these sneakers! They are made from recycled carbon dioxide (Photo)

According to NRG Energy, a company committed to reducing and re purposing carbon emissions released a shoe prototype that combines captured carbon dioxide in the foam of its sole at the New York Fashion Week this past week.
This is not the first time carbon dioxide has been converted into something useful. Beverage-grade carbon dioxide, a chemical technology develops a proprietary catalyst reacts with carbon dioxide to create polyurethane, which is used to create the foam for the sneaker.
The creation of the shoe changes the industry into replacing petrochemicals in products and lessens the world’s dependence on oil.“

We are not going to win the fight against climate change unless someone figures out how to capture and reuse carbon economically and turn it into something that society values,” Lynda Clemmons, vice president of NRG’s Business Solutions Group, was quoted as saying by The New York Times to Xinhua.