Tuesday 13 February 2018

Jhene Aiko Reveals How She Fell In love With Big Sean

Jhené Aiko’s relationship with Big Sean raised eyebrows because she was reportedly married to producer Dot the Genius at the time

However, she has addressed her relationship with the rapper.

Speaking with BBC Radio 1Xtra, Aiko revealed that she went on a “date” with Sean “just as a friend” back in 2012, while she was dating another person who was “secretly” married.

“The year that my brother passed, I had just met him,”  “And we worked on “Beware” and “I’m Gonna Be”. He wanted to take me out on a date. I had a boyfriend, but I still went…just as a friend.
“I mean, I had never been courtside to a game,” she jokingly added. “And he’s cool. So, I told my boyfriend I’m gonna go to this game.
“When I came around and was like, let’s see what he’s [Sean] talking about,” said Aiko. “He.. got a girlfriend. I took too long.” The two were playing relationship tag with one another for a while.
After the interview was criticized on social media, she cleared the air on Twitter writing
“in 2012 i was in a relationship w/someone who was secretly still married to his baby’s mother the whole year and a half we were together… this person was not Dot,”. “i found out and we began to seperate… he moved out of my apt, we stopped speaking… and then i went to basketball game w/ a friend. even tho we werent speaking, i called my then boyfriend and let him know i was going because im considerate.”

“there was no sucking,f-king,kissing, hand holding or sexting that followed,” she wrote. “i went on to lose my brother 2 months after that basketball game. i remained single for awhile and decided to focus on my Nami and recording my ep ‘sail out’ & album ‘souled out’ … and sorry to disappoint yet again, but me and sean remained platonic friends through out…the rest of the story can be heard on Trip the album