Friday 30 July 2021

The Tea is here! Chioma dumps singer Davido

It's no news that Chef Chioma has been facing heavy backlash after a video of singer Davido was spotted holding hands with his new babe. 

It has been revealed on the street that Chioma was the one that ended the relationship with Davido. Here is an exclusive report from blogger SDK. 

Read here:

All this news and the attacks on social media might hurt her but she will be fine, she walked out of the relationship when it went South because of certain things, people should cut her some slacks' and stop attacking and trying to shame her on the social media.

The Insider says “Chioma moved out since October 2020, so how does that amount to being dumped? People should let her be so she can rebuild peacefully”

The Insider also alleged that the crooner is upset for being dumped and that is why he’s doing things openly to hurt her back.