Wednesday 9 February 2022

Akunna Nwala-Akano stuns on the cover of Vanguard Allure

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Nigerian fashion, beauty entrepreneur and philanthropist, Akunna Nwala-Akano radiates on the new cover of Vanguard Allure, in an exclusive interview where she discussed the beauty business and her philanthropy work amongst other things.


The Lawyer and multi-business mogul spoke to Vanguard Allure’s Yemisi Suleiman about forging her own path in the beauty industry and inspiring young people to reach for the stars.

Speaking on her journey, from the birth of Kuku’s Hair to becoming one of the biggest luxury hair brands in Africa, the philanthropist and mother of one disclosed:


Everybody’s journey is different. The peculiarity is what makes it all interesting. I started selling hair off the trunk of my car. I was marketing on the road and on the street. I was young, so it is funny recalling this. Every opportunity I had, I was marketing my hair. I remember an incident when I took my mum to the hospital. We were waiting our turn for the doctor’s appointment and I went up to this woman and marketed my hair. She was so impressed and told me that the enthusiasm and drive I had would take me places. I carried on with that drive till today, trying to put my business out through obstacles and challenges, taking it one step at a time. That is how I got here.''


While highlighting the several challenges in running a business and maintaining a strong clientele around the world, Nwala-Akano reaffirms her one belief and hack to being a successful entrepreneur:


“Foremost, make sure you love what you do. It can’t be solely for the desire to make profit. You must have passion for it, even if a modicum of it. Also, consistency and patience. Looking at a glass as half full instead of as half empty. Always try to see positivity in things. Be a walking advert for your business.”she said