Saturday 11 July 2015

50 Cent Ordered To Pay $5 Million For Leaking Sex Tape

50 cent has been ordered to pay Rick  Ross baby mama Leviston  at least $5 million for leaking her sex tape.
According to gossip cop, Leviston filed the lawsuit in 2010 after 50 Cent posted the explicit footage online as part of a dig against Rick Ross, with whom he had been feuding. The video, which 50 Cent shared on his website in 2009, showed Leviston having sex with a man named Maurice Murray. 50 Cent had purchased the tape from Murray, but did not have Leviston’s permission to post it online.
50 Cent added his own narration to the footage, calling Leviston a “slut,” “motherf*cking porn star,” and more. It ended up getting shared on additional sites and obtaining millions of views, leading Leviston to sue 50 Cent for emotional distress, arguing that the incident led her to suffer from depression and anxiety, and become suicidal.