Monday 13 July 2015

Freeze Cool Fm publicly calls enstranged wife ''a violent adultress''?

 It's no secret that  Freeze of Cool Fm has been separated from his wife for over 12 years..However, he may have been hinting at the reason for their split..The couple who have two kids got married in 2002 after dating for three years..Freeze is said to have dragged her to court for the dissolution of their marriage and she is not objecting it...
Last night, he posted this alongside a shot of his Hublot watch
I thank GOD for the fact that I don't have to wake up beside a violent adulteress! It's 12 minutes to 5 on the 12th of July all I have is praise for the Almighty!
This won't be the first time as he hinted the same on the 10th of May,he wrote

 “The Lord’s goodness is awesome. His love conquers all. This birthday has been my best in over 15 years!! the Lord has removed the monster that tormented me all this while.“The cause of all my misery and affliction, the plaque in my tent, the thorn in my flesh, the source of my torment that bedeviled me, taunted and teased me, yet was the force behind my ordeal. Thank you lord for setting me free”.