Monday 13 July 2015

Freeze releases photos of injuries he sustained from his ex-wife's beatings...


About an hour ago, OAP Freeze's ex wife, Opeyemi released a press release, where she denied being a violent adultress and wife beater.

OAP Freeze has now reacted by sharing photos of the injuries he allegedly sustained while they were still married.

See (graphic) photos below:

One of the many injuries I received from my violent ex which also include a broken nose which still negatively affects my state of wellbeing.
A deep cut I sustained from her throwing a cup at me because I dared question her returning home intoxicated at 11.45pm on a weekday.
 This is how deep the cut was and how close to my temple. I need to speak up once and for all! Men if you are in such a relationship DON'T FIX IT! RUN!!!!
 A bruise I sustained from domestic violence inflicted upon me by my ex.

Another incident when my ex tried to strangle me! Do you want more pictures? I can go on for weeks posting these pictures. I used to be like this at least 2ce every month. Yet my Pastor adviced me to stay and that divorce is a sin.....After the separation I realized that my life was far more important than the institute of marriage. Every moment spent with an abusive partner COULD BE YOUR LAST! Leave while you can! I have chosen not to speak up until now for my children's sake. But when a woman believes she has been scorned because of a horrible past that was no fault of mine and transfers the aggression to me and is hell bent on destroying my very essence I must speak! I speak for every broken man, every battered man and every abused man who is suffering endlessly and needlessly in the hands of a woman because of 'marriage' to gather the strength to speak now! hottentacklesI think these pastors need to wake up. They make people live in fatal conditions all in the name of religion. I went through this same situation and even worse here in London. But pastors and family made me shush and kept telling me to endure that he will change one day. It kept boosting his ego and making him do worse to me. At the end I had to disconnect with everyone including the pastor and the family in order to make my independent decision and save my life. I had all evidence and I reported to the relevant authorities. My life has been better and I have been more successful than ever since I left my ex. Only God can understand what these experiences are like. Thank you for speaking up and I hope more people will have the courage to come out of this like you did. Marriage should be enjoyed and not endured. ����