Friday 10 July 2015

lol Kylie Jenner finally dumps Tyga After Multiple Revelations Of His Sexcapades

Lmfao!!! I have been waiting for this news all day, and the picture again lol Mto won't kill someone. Back to the news, was kylie really taking tyga serious? Some days back, two different transgenders- first a pornstar and another a hot model- revealed to the world their different sexual encounters they had with the rapper Tyga, which mto are saying Kylie is dumping him. Reports are also claiming she  was planning to be engaged to him on her 18th birthday. 

Read what MTO reported below learned that Tyga and Kylie Jenner are OFFICIALLY OVER . . . a wrap . . . DUNZO!!! According to an insider, Kylie is upset with the recent ALLEGATIONS against Tyga - by multiple TRANSGENDERS.

Here is what one of our KARDAHIAN TIPSTERS is telling us, "Tyga is going through some things right now, and Kylie wants no part of that. She's at a good point in her career and she doesn't need that kind of SCANDAL surrounding her. For now [Kylie] is allowing Tyga to deal with the situation and she's going to focus on her career."

We're told that Tyga and Kylie haven't spoken SINCE the incident, and that Kylie is NOT responding to Tyga's text messages."