Thursday 9 July 2015

OAP Iphie Aggrey Fynn's Last Interview With Super Woman Mag.

Remember the Rythm FM OAP that was allegedly shot by armed robbers in June 2015 near her parents house in the east?
She granted an interview that was just about to be published before she passed. The interview is now out in Super woman Magazine read on...

SUPERWOMAN: Tell us about yourself
IPHIE: I like to think that I’m simple, I don’t really know if others see it as well. One of the core things I try to do especially with my job is to make a lot of sense. If I have to open my mouth then I have to make sense, if it does not make sense I’m not saying it.
SUPERWOMAN: How would you describe what you do?
IPHIE: Everybody tells a story but I can tell mine in a different way when I come on radio. Radio is all about coming everyday but telling the same story that everybody knows about but being able to tell it from an angle that you haven’t heard before, that can make you smile and make your day.
SUPERWOMAN: Has this always been your dream?
IPHIE: Yes. When I was a child I use to sit at the dining table, take the newspapers and make like I was Tokunbo Ajayi. So I pretty much knew this is what I wanted to do. I didn’t really know the term presenter I just knew News Caster and for me the icon was Tokunbo Ajayi; up until when I started seeing Funmi Iyanda on NTA and I was like yes this is it, this is what I want to be.
SUPERWOMAN: How did you work your way up to become an OAP?
IPHIE: I went to intern in NTA Aba in 2003.  I used to run errands in the news room but I was always pushing myself. If you want something just go there, there were other interns that were just standing by but I was always going there to ask “what can I do; can I just say one thing on your show” Somebody had a TV show where he had a feedback section and I noticed that he wasn’t getting calls so I took the phone number went outside and I was calling in. After a while he said I’m giving you the feedback segment” and I’ll go there and I’ll read all the text and all the emails that were sent and that’s how I got my first job.

SUPERWOMAN: Do you think studying phonetics is a criteria for becoming an OAP?
IPHIE: For a lot of people you just go somewhere you sound nice and they are like boom you’re on radio but I don’t like to sell myself short. I think it’s important to give yourself a level of training. If nobody gives it to you, give it to yourself. Watch movies, read books… formerly or informally educate yourself.

SUPERWOMAN: Are there any occupational hazards associated with working as an OAP?
IPHIE: I’m so grateful for the kind of work I do. I mean how many people go to work and play music and have fun as their jobs? I remember when I took over this show “rhythm and soul” from Tene and my first day on the show someone called and went “hello where is Tene, see this show can never be the same without Tene, I want Tene back, you’re not Tene” I just found the strength to say “don’t worry you’ll get use to me; you’ll love me”

SUPERWOMAN: Are you a Feminist?
IPHIE: No. I don’t believe that women actually have to fight for anything, they have it. A diamond doesn’t struggle to shine, it just sparkles. Though there are situations that can make you not shine and that’s when you have a lot of dust on you and it has to be polished so what do you do? You polish yourself.

SUPERWOMAN: What’s your relationship status and how do you handle male admirers?
IPHIE:  When I’m getting married I’ll let you know but for now I’m a single girl married to Jesus. That’s all I’m going to say.

SUPERWOMAN: What can you say about the 2015 general elections?
IPHIE: I believe that Nigeria can be better. I believe that Tomorrow can be better than yesterday. I want a better Rivers State, a better Nigeria.

SUPERWOMAN: What advice do you have for young folks who desire to be media personalities like you?
IPHIE: don’t let anybody intimidate you. Just ask yourself “what is it about me that I want to share with the world? What is my mission on earth? How can I now use radio?”

Culled from Stella blog