Tuesday 14 July 2015

‘You are unprofessional’ – Yvonne Nelson slaims Journalists in press conference

Reports in Ghana say actress, Yvonne Nelson nearly crashed a press conference in Ghana called to create publicity for the movie, Any Other Monday on Friday, July 10, 2015.
     The actress and producer has the lead role in the movie but was reported to have ranted at the top of her voice following the questions asked by journalists at the event.        During a question and answer session, a popular journalist from Adentan.com wanted to find out from Pascal Amanfo, producer of the movie if a Nigerian member of the cast, Kunle Remi, had a work permit to feature in the movie in Ghana. 
The question was said to have angered Yvonne who raised her hand signaling she wants to answer the question and she became even more annoyed when another journalist went on pressed for the answer to the initial question.          The actress, who is also a film producer, reportedly went on, saying there are too many irresponsible journalists in Ghana and finally asked journalists to write positive stories about actors and actresses instead of unending negative stories about them....