Saturday 15 August 2015

A Riot Breaks Out During Nicki Minaj's Concert

Nicki Minaj's pinkprint Tour” concert in Concord, California ended early on Friday after a brawl broke out in the audience at the Concord Pavilion. 
   The incident was apparently sparked by people pushing to get closer to the stage during the rapper’s set. It escalated into a full-on fight with several people beating on each other. At some point, pepper spray was used, and an innocent bystander not involved in the melee got hit.
   After the fight was broken up, Minaj asked for “the one that just got sprayed with Mace in her face” to come on stage. The two embraced, and the star got the woman water for her eyes. But Minaj reportedly opted not to continue the show, and didn’t explain anything on social media.