Friday 18 September 2015

Instagram busy bees drag Toke Makinwa's butt on hot coal for enjoying Luxury vacation (Photos)

Na wah oh, different day different stories. So Toke Makinwa's butt is been dragged on instagram. 
A page on IG is dedicated to expose some so called Instagram babes who address themselves as celebs because of their lifestyle and dress sense. Unfortunately, 
Toke was a topic of discussion on the page, According to the person who runs the page, Toke who is having issues with her husband is busy hopping from different hotels to the other, to think of it she flew a business class flight which some thinks it's too expensive for her to afford. Well, I think she is blessed with enough money to spoil herself silly just like Chika Ike often does.

See snap shots of all I was able to get from the page below

Lol....I didn't write all that 💃