Thursday, 24 September 2015

Joy Isi Bewaji Comes For Annie Idibia On Facebook

Joy Isi Bewaji is known for her #Rant on Facebook and this time around it is dedicated to no one else but legendary wife and actress Annie Idibia..
Read what she wrote

They have started again…
Annie Idibia is a role model for women…yada yada…
And they manage to throw in feminism in the mix.
How feminists should learn from Annie.

Annie has no skill. At least none that we are aware of.
She has managed an average, almost non-existent acting career.
The best of Annie that I have ever seen was as a smiling “African queen” in her husband’s video. A mannequin at best.

Married to the biggest music act of this generation…Annie has not used that platform to excel in talent, skill, career or business.
She is celebrated for nothing, except for being Tuface’s wife. And a good mother…like millions of other women.
What exactly is there to admire?

What really can we teach women and young girls about Annie that makes her such an amazing role model? Ehn?!
She started gracing glossy covers…as Tu baba’s wife.
She manages to gain some kind of attention on blogs because of her position as wife to Tuface. Linda Ikeji writes about her with some kind of regard that she hardly gives other young women…because of Tuface.

Amazing wife. Wonderful Annie. Lovely woman. This and that.
Because our society, a wretched patriarchal disaster, cannot see any virtue in a woman if her being is not tied and justified by the man.
Annie excels only in keeping a man with many children from other women.

Her identity can be sourced from Tuface’s achievements. She is wife to this man. That’s it.
A baby mama. The one who was picked from a pack to be wife.
That is her success story.
If you must share it, can you at least apply the fear of God and write the truth?

There’s nothing wrong in succeeding only as a wife who can manage the “colourful” life of a man… Nothing wrong at all.
But please, for the sake of flying geese, SAY IT AS IT IS.
Women are succeeding in areas that will shrink balls; in science, in technology.

Others are warriors on the streets. If some women do not work for one day, their children will not find food to eat.
Yet, we are here, and a piece of bad writing is trending because we like to put women in their place.
Be a wife. Or be damned.

Do you know if Annie will be able to feed her children without the help of a superstar husband? Do you know if she can make one trip to Ghana or Dubai without the help of money from endorsements, goodwill, performances from a world-class musician husband?

Do. You. Know. How. Many. Women. Do. These. Things. Effortlessly?

Are we now saying these women hustling to feed a nation of two to five children should find something to learn from a wife called Annie, married to Idibia?
We fail to understand that the man plays a big role in the success of his own marriage. It is a decision to be happy- whether with Annie or with another woman.

The most hilarious part is the need for very low IQs to place feminism and the “very-successful-Annie” into the same boat.

How nah?
You nor get sense?

Let me put it this way, so there are no arguments:
May your daughters succeed like Annie. May your daughters be role models of this genre.
Maybe they find inspiration in Annie’s story. And may their lives be shaped with that kind of fulfilment.
With that kind of blessing.

Maybe they record the kind of success Annie has recorded so far.

That settles it then.

Culled from icampuge